What do you want to achieve?

Clients come to me for many reasons — and I’ve helped people achieve a wide range of fitness goals, including:

  • Losing weight, toning up, generally looking fitter and sexier
  • Looking fabulous on the Big Day (and in the Big White Dress)
  • Feeling confident by the pool in that skimpy bikini
  • Preparing for marathons
  • Training to climb a mountain
  • Getting back in shape after an injury, such as a slipped disc or broken ankle

So whatever you want to achieve, I’ll tailor a programme especially for you for you, involving boxing, kettle bells, Swiss balls and other cutting–edge tools and techniques. Whether you just want to look better naked (or dressed!), or whether you’re training for that big sporting challenge, I’ll work you hard and keep you focused.

What’s more, we’ll keep it varied so you’ll stay motivated. And as well a helping you realise the benefits of regular exercise, I’ll give you my insider tips on diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Sounds like fun? Then give me a call today!

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